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Magnifiers / Magnifier aspheric LPI-463M-3.5x

Easy convenient aspheric magnifier with a handle and an average magnification of 3.5 times. Minimum delivery batch - 1 box (in box 10 pcs.).


Technical specifications
Diameter lens without a rim55 mm
Focus71.36 mm
Linear field of view80 mm
Quantity in a box10
Overall dimensions, mm23х68х164
Mass, kg0,069
Delivery set: Paper label - 1 pc.,magnifier LPI-463M-3,5x - 10pcs
Warranty, years1

Aspherical magnifier with a handle LPI-463-3,5 is designed for reading books, viewing maps, etc.

In polymer optics lens applied abrasion resistant coating, it increases the service life of products by 3-5 times, allows the cleaning of optics, has the property does not attract dust. Magnifier has a protective cover on the lens.

The aspherical surface of the lens provides high image quality.

Housing magnifiers can be black, colored or pearlescent.

LPI-463-3,5 meets the requirements of GOST 25706-83 "Magnifiers. Types, basic parameters. General technical requirements."

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