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Бинокль призменный с сеткой БПс 10х40 "Байгыш"
Prismatic binoculars with the reticle BPs 10x40 "BAIGISH" Prismatic binoculars based on the Porro prism systems. It has range-measuring reticle to measure distance to the object by its known size and separate focusing of the eyepieces.
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БПЦ5 8х30М "Байгыш"
BPC5 8x30M “Baigish” The BPC5 8x30M “Baigish” binoculars are made by classical Porro prism design with central focusing. The central focusing knob is conveniently mounted under the middle finger and allows to rapidly bring the images in both eyepieces into sharp focus. For the people with different eyesight of the right and left eyes, provision is made for additional focusing of the right-hand eyepiece.
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About Company

Joint Stock Company “KOMZ-Baigish” was established on the was established on the basis of Resolution No. 79 of the State Committee of the Republic of Tatarstan on 22.04.1996 on privatization of state property with the purpose of concentrating the most advanced technologies, equipment and highly professional personnel for the production of the most advanced equipment.

JSC “KOMZ-Baigish” is specialized on the development and production of a wild

 nomenclature of goods for civil use:

day observation devices: binoculars, monoculars, visual tubes, technical endoscopes;

instruments for measuring refractive index - refractometers for laboratory, portable.

For 21 years of successful work the company has become a regional leader in the production of optical instruments (binoculars, range finders) with successful experience of exporting products to more than 20 countries.

At present, JSC "KOMZ-Baigish" is working on the creation of a modern information management system, as well as expanding the range of civilian products that will increase labor productivity, wages, and solve a number of social tasks.

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